Inca Kola

Inca Kola

Matthew Parris


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I read this in two parts, getting rather bored with the first half of the book, in which, as it explains on the cover, Matthew Parris and his companions always seem to head towards trouble rather than away from it! The trouble they encounter takes the form of hostile terrain and even more hostile villagers, culminating in having their camp set alight. Not surprisingly, they took the hint and flew off to Bolivia, working their way back to Peru on land (and water, since Lake Titicaca formed part of the route). They split up at Cuzco, with the three "newbies" to Peru taking the tourist option to Macchu Pichu, then another plane to Maldonara in the rainforest region, whilst Matthew, continuing his preference for the hard way of doing things, got a lift on a truck along with locals.

It is hard to believe all this happened in 1990 - before the beginning of long haul mass tourism, and in the midst of the "Shining Path" guerilla warfare.

June 2019

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