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Recommendation: Author a family friend

This attempt to fill in the missing years in Wuthering Heights during which Heathcliff makes his fortune before returning to his adopted home is really not my sort of book. I was not overly enamoured of Emily Bronte's original, but having been given this book by the author it seemed churlish not to read it. Admittedly it has been on my shelf for a very long time, and this was my third attempt at finishing it. I was less convinced by the means by which Heathcliff made his fortune than by the character of the man himself, which did seem consistent with Emily Bronte's cruel and uncouth anti-hero. The story was told in a rather contrived manner; firstly by means of a long lost (and very long) letter from Heathcliff to Cathy, and secondly by the memoirs of a lady who accompanied him on some of his travels.

This was a very early novel by Jeffrey Caine before he found his true forte in writing screenplays - for instance for the Bond movie "Golden Eye" and in particular "The Constant Gardener" for which he was Oscar nominated.

I'm glad he took up film writing!

May 2019

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