Longford Inn

Longford Inn

Tewkesbury Road, Longford, Gloucestershire, GL2 9BE


We wanted a light meal and decided to have the Beefeater sharing platter which looked good. Unfortunately the real food didn't look as good as the picture on the menu. It comprised chicken wings, slices of breaded crispy flat cap mushroom, lamb kofta, spicy potato dippers and grilled flatbread pieces, to which we added a half rack of pork ribs for an extra £4.49. All this was accompanied by rather feeble pots of ranch, piri piri and smoky BBQ dips. The breaded mushrooms were good, being tasty and juicy, the ribs were fine,but the lamb kebabs were rather nondescript and overall there was far too high a proportion of carbohydrates. If we'd had more time before an engagement, we'd have gone into town for something better. Our recent experience of a Marston's equivalent (link) was superior.

February 2019

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